21 Apr 2020

Hi everyone! Apologies, I’d hoped to write a blog post every week but in all honesty, I’ve been quite busy. Not only am I helping at Tom’s work pretty much full time, but I’m also doing daily workouts (if anyone is interested, please get in touch!). I’ve started a pers...

12 Feb 2020

As promised, here’s my blog on our amazing, what I’m calling ‘ski-moon’. It’s taken me longer than intended to write this as I’ve had to whittle it down so much; I must have loved Livigno as my fingers have never typed so hard. So, I apologise that it is slightly longe...

19 Aug 2019

Hello! I was thinking it has been AGES since I’ve written a blog update, so I thought it was about time to get something out there. As always, so much has changed in my life so fasten your seatbelts ;)

If you’re one of MYO’s followers, you’ll know that I made the move t...

12 Oct 2018

(I hope you liked my Florence and the Machine reference....!)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog and I thought, given that the MYO season is quietening down, that I had no excuse not to provide an update!

In truth; this summer has been the hardest yet. With thre...

28 Apr 2018

Morning Guys, 

Oh how times have changed! Last week I was sat in the glorious sunshine thinking I’m writing a Jane Austin novel. Now I’m sat inside contemplating if I should wrap another blanket across me. Although this does mean I get to wear my  baggy clothes a little...

20 Apr 2018

Heya ! I’m Rachael! I joined Team MYO in February and have been getting to grips with everything MYO. For my first blog, I thought I’d give you my account of our Italian adventure earlier this year.

In March I was fortunate enough to go on a small research trip to Italy...

29 Mar 2018

After my initial research trip around Italy in March – April 2014; I vowed to return each year… largely for research (obviously) but mainly because it always brings me such happiness. I love the culture, the architecture, the food, the language and everything about it...

14 Mar 2018

It's been a while since I've written a business related update; and given the current challenges I'm facing, I thought it might be good to write an honest account of owning a business.

If you're reading this because you're thinking you'd like to convert a vehicle or sta...

16 Feb 2018

Here's the long awaited for part two of our journey around Cape Town...

Day 3 started with a hike up Table Mountain. We decided to face it as early as possible; so that we could avoid as much of the sun as possible. It turned out that even at 730am, it was still 26C! To...

12 Feb 2018

A little blog about our trip to Cape Town, South Africa

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