The Experience

MYO Pizza - Theodore

MYO Pizza provides an authentic Italian Street Food experience. Operating out of a beautifully converted 1970 Estafette, and inspired by a 3 month research trip to Italy; we serve freshly produced, authentic Italian Street Food out of a stone baked oven. MYO’s menu includes homemade, hand stretched focaccia pizza by the slice, arancini, Italian inspired pulled pork, Italian Burgers, an array of sweet treats and many other yummy Italian dishes.

MYO Pizza can tailor their menu to any audience; whether you want pizza for canapes, or need help deciding which toppings would work best; Victoria and team are always on hand to offer suggestions and solutions to ensure that every single event is bespoke. Gluten free and vegan options are also available.


We'll work with you to provide the most fitting menu, and service style for your event. On the day of the event, we'll arrive up to 1.5 hours ahead of your chosen service time and prep the van with as much pizza as possible. We usually select 5 - 6 of our favourite toppings, and carry other ingredients just in case guests ask for them. People can either come up to the van and choose from the delicious selection on offer, or get something made especially for them. We serve our pizza by the slice; out of authentic greaseproof paper, meaning you only need one hand, so you can sip and nibble!

People usually like pictures with the van; which we're more than happy to help take. Before leaving; we box up any remaining pizza and give it to the party to enjoy later on, or the following morning! Oh, and most importantly - there's absolutely no clearing up for you to do! We do all of that for you.


Our second van offers a truly bespoke experience. With our huge griddle and proper coffee machine, we can provide our customers with a menu to suit them. Perfectly suited for any outing; Bella can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, why not solve your 'morning-after-breakfast' plans by keeping the van overnight and providing a breakfast service for everyone to enjoy? Thanks to the vans facilities - we're able to get everything going quickly in order to tend to anyone's caffeine fixes, or early morning hunger pangs!

The menu can be tailored to suit you; so if there is something we don't have listed on our suggestions, please do get in touch with any requests. Otherwise, we have everything from American Pancake stacks (with numerous toppings), to grilled sandwiches, gourmet burgers, hot dogs and various other MYO Specials. All of the food is freshly produced from quality ingredients; using ethical suppliers and the majority is homemade.

Our service style is the same as the pizza van; however, the menu can be changed to perfectly suit the event.

Prices start from £10/head. 

MYO Aperitivo - Ready for 2018 Bookings!





Our third van provides the 'alcoholic' element to the party! Equipped with kegs of beer, and fridges filled to the brim with wine (sparkling and still), and a barista coffee machine; we can serve everyone their favourite drink! Not only that; but our concept is based on the Italian Aperitivo; so all of your drinks just have to come with a suitably selected nibble!

We can provide a country specific menu; so if you'd like all of your drinks to come from France, we can provide that, complete with some delicious French canapes. Or, if you'd like a selection of drinks from around the world; we can happily provide this service too. We also have cocktail menu; and you can hire the van without food if desired. Like with all our vans; we'll work with you to provide the perfect menu for your event.

Our drinks will be served from plastic glasses; and our food will be served on bio-degradable; bamboo plates. We can provide glassware and china, however, this will be at a slightly higher rate.  Please get in touch for more info!