A Little About Us...

MYO (Make Your Own) strives to offer every customer a truly bespoke and personal experience. Whether you see us at an event, or have booked us privately; we hope to have offered you something memorable and perfect for you.


MYO was born out of Victoria's love for food, and being (honestly) a little fussy about it. Realising that society is getting more and more choosy when it comes to what they eat, she wanted to open something that would make even her, the fussiest eater happy. Now, thanks to the 'make your own' element across all of our vans; we hope we can appeal to anyone's tastes.

We also provide private cheffing and formal wedding catering; please get in touch for more information.


We believe in freshly made, quality products, served with fantastic service. MYO continues to grow and expand, so if you're interested in joining the team, or have some feedback or inspiration for us, please email info@myogroup.co.uk.

Victoria x