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Wow, it seems like so long ago that I last wrote a blog update, so apologies if this is very badly written... Last year feels like a blur... wow, what a test it was. Constant break downs; (both mental and mechanical!) a horrible accident, broken vehicles, multiple bookings and possibly too much drinking! Ha.

Thanks to the nature of mobile catering; I've managed to have a few weeks to recover and reflect from the mayhem that made up most of 2016. I now feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever this year throws at me. And, so far - it looks exciting! I've been offered some great opportunities in Long Buckby (Northamptonshire) and after a lot of umming and erring, I've decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. So, Bella is moving North!

We've been asked to provide the catering at Long Buckby Train Station; starting on 27th February. There's no shop on site, and nothing within a ten minute walk of the station, so I think this could be a great little spot for MYO. We'll be getting used to waking up before dawn and possibly going to bed before the sun goes down! But, I'm excited - I love trying out new things and this could be an amazing opportunity.

Despite trying to put a focus on private parties and events; I couldn't say no to some of the awesome public events we catered at last year. So, you'll be seeing us at numerous point to points, Barbury International Horse Trials, Round the Islands and Cowes Week. No air shows for us this year - the English weather scares me too much! So, hopefully we'll get to see some of you at these events this year!

On a personal note; I'm doing good! I've re-designed this website (which I'm hoping you all enjoy!) I set myself the New Year's Resolution of going vegetarian for January... which soon turned into pescatarian. Amazingly, especially given how much I eat meat; I found it pretty easy! So, a glutton for punishment, I decided to go dairy free too. I know, I'm crazy - it's a good job I'm not trading much as not eating cheese on my pizza would be awful. I'm a BIG cheese fan. I couldn't believe how hard it is to go completely dairy free! There seems to be milk extracts in everything - even crisps! I ended up eating porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner one day because I just couldn't be bothered to plan my meals that much. I made a few vegan dishes and generally didn't like life much.

In short, I managed to be a fish-eating vegan (That's essentially what it was!) for a week. But, in my defense, I did go to France; where not eating cheese may have got me chucked out of the country. So, after some awesome days skiing, I enjoyed Raclette, Pizza, chocolate, ice cream and other dairy heavenly delights.

Mmm cheese!

That's it from me - I hope that wasn't too painful to read! No more crazy eating challenges for a while; and I'll update you soon on how things are going up in Northampton! Keep tuned on our Facebook pages for all of our updates!

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